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Introduction to Rife Therapy

Rife Resonator was established with the purpose of introducing frequency therapy to people around the world. Frequency therapy is a drugless alternative to general health and welfare.

Our Rife Resonator is legally licensed as a Class II, type BF medical device for use by medical practitioners in their practices. They are also licensed for home use by private patients. They carry both a CE mark for Europe as well as a Department of Health license in South Africa. (CE 0543, SA License No: 402/6568).

Change your life today. You can afford a Rife Resonator!

Rife Resonator

"Shatter your illnesses like an opera singer shatters a crystal glass."

You can really afford to treat yourself with a Rife. With 470 pre-programmed channels and 99 programmable channels, it is simple, cost effective and legal.

Treat your ailments painlessly with no side-effects. To order your Rife Resonator click here. Don't take our word for it - see our attached medical reports and testimonials to prove it.



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