Introduction to Rife Therapy

Rife Resonator was established with the purpose of introducing frequency therapy cheap essay writer to people around the world. Frequency therapy is a drugless alternative to general health and welfare.

Our Dr Royal Rife Resonator is legally licensed as a Class II, type BF medical device for use by medical practitioners in their practices. They are also licensed for home use by private patients. They carry both a CE mark for Europe as well as a Department of Health license in South Africa. (CE 0543, SA License No: 402/6568).

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“Shatter your illnesses like an opera singer shatters a crystal glass.”

You can really afford to treat yourself with a Rife. With 470 pre-programmed channels and 99 programmable channels, it is simple, cost effective and legal. Treat your ailments painlessly with no side-effects. To order your Rife Resonator click here. Don’t write my essay for me take our word for it – see our attached medical reports and testimonials to prove it.



Change your life today. You can afford a Rife Resonator!

How to use the Rife Machine

The Rife Resonator Model “E” is very simple to use and comes with a comprehensive manual. It has 470 pre-programmed channels to maximize ease of use. Our Rife Resonator is legally licensed as a Class II medical device for use by medical practitioners in their practices. They are also licensed for home use by private persons. They carry both a Department of Health license in South Africa and a CE mark for Europe(CE 0543, SA License no: 402/6568).

The following instructions are not intended to replace the manual. Please read the manual carefully before using your Rife Machine. Before treatment decide which area of the body you wish to treat. A general rule is for area’s above the diaphragm treat with the hands and for areas below treat on the feet.

radio frequency skin tighteningWhat We Do:

  • Rife Therapy Treatments
  • Consultation Fee Waived
  • Provide advice to Cancer sufferers
  • Help locate your local Therapist
  • Bacteria Busting
  • Detoxification


Your packaged unit contains a pair of special rubberised cables for the chand held electrodes (recommended for treating complaints above the diaphragm using the hands) and foil foot strips (recommended for treating areas below the diaphragm using the feet). Each cabel has a banana plug on both ends. Plug one end of each cable into the hole in the electrode as shown below, and the other into the instrument.



About the Rife Machine

The worlds easiest to use Bio-Active frequency instrument is now available for registered medical doctors for use in their practices and for home use. No need for expensive visits to a foreign country for unknown treatments. The Rife Resonator Model “E” has been made affordable and reliable.

Rife resonator

Join the many thousands of people experiencing positive results using a technology that has been proven since 1934. No other instrument can match the Quality and Accuracy of the Model “E”. Accuracy is extremely important when using Frequency. Only the Rife Resonator Model “E” can boast of the most accurate instrument of its kind available. The Model “E” is as easy to operate as your television set. No complicated frequency settings are required, only an easy to set channel. Do not let your chance to own or rent a Rife Resonator Model “E” slip from your grasp. This amazing technology may not be available in the future.



How does it work?

The theory, in plain English, can be explained using an analogy of an opera singer who uses her voice to shatter a crystal glass. The glass is vibrating at a certain frequency and when the opera singer sings at that particular frequency the glass shatters in the same way as the organism shattering when it is exposed to the frequency generated by the Rife machine.


You may have already heard about Rife’s 20-year search for precise frequencies to kill viruses and other disease organisms.. And maybe you’ve read about the University of Southern California study using Rife’s technology on cancer patients. Dr. Milbank Johnson, former president of the Southern California AMA, alerted the press that he would release the conclusions of this study: an initial success rate of 87.5%, and later, after certain improvements, 16 of the 16 terminal cases recovered. Dr. Johnson paid for that press release with his life. On the eve of his public announcement, he was poisoned and his papers ransacked and destroyed.

Since Rife’s equally suspicious death and the disappearance of his papers, only a few scientists and inventors strive to reproduce his technology, with varying degrees of success. But one scientist discovered the key to Rife’s success, as well a 1,543 new Bio-Active frequencies. Research reports using these frequencies have been received on 285 conditions. This scientist developed technology far beyond the original Rife instrument– the model D–and licensed it to Naturetronics. Unfortunately, it may be 20 years before the FDA approves use to the medical profession. Not in South Africa though, after four long years we are finally able to tell you that the Rife machine has both a Department of health license as well as a CE Mark.