The Rife Story

Dr. R Rife in the early nineteen thirties joined the war against Cancer. Rife Resonance Therapy He was fortunate to have access to a facility that built and repaired research equipment and wasted no time in supervising and joining in Read more

How to Use the Rife Machine

The Rife Resonator Model “E” is very simple to use and comes with a comprehensive manual. It has 470 pre-programmed channels to maximize ease of use. Our Rife Resonator is legally licensed as a Class II medical device for use Read more

How Does it Work

MORE BIO-ACTIVE FREQUENCIES THAN ANY OTHER INSTRUMENT In addition to all known Rife microbe frequencies, the model E produces all known Bio-Active tissue frequencies. These tissue frequencies require great accuracy (often .0001 hertz). So even if other brands have these Read more

About the Rife Resonator Machine

The worlds easiest to use Bio-Active frequency instrument is now available for registered medical doctors for use in their practices and for home use. No need for expensive visits to a foreign country for unknown treatments. The Rife Resonator Model Read more

About Dr Royal Raymond Rife

Dr Royal Raymond Rife was a brilliant scientist and a hero in our time. He developed many a scientific break-through in both the field of microscopy as well as medicine. These were well documented in his time by various newspapers Read more