The Rife Resonator Model “E” is very simple to use and comes with a comprehensive manual.

radio frequencyIt has 470 pre-programmed channels to maximize ease of use. Our Rife Resonator is legally licensed as a Class II medical device for use by medical practitioners in their practices. They are also licensed for home use by private persons. They carry both a  Department of Health license in South Africa and a CE mark for Europe(CE 0543, SA License no: 402/6568).The following instructions are not intended to replace the manual. Please read the manual carefully before using your Rife Machine. Before treatment decide which area of the body you wish to treat. A general rule is for area’s above the diaphragm treat with the hands and for areas below treat on the feet.

Your packaged unit contains a pair of special rubberised cables for the chand held electrodes (recommended for treating complaints above the diaphragm using the hands) and foil foot strips (recommended for treating areas below the diaphragm using the feet). Each cabel has a banana plug on both ends. Plug one end of each cable into the hole in the electrode as shown below, and the other into the instrument.
To run the automatic sequence you have chosen, do the following:

1. Turn the intensity knob off by turning it anti-clockwise completely. 2. Make sure that the adaptor is plugged into the mains and into your machine, and that nothing is obstructing the cord / connection.
2. Switch your machine ON.
3. Wait for the “READY” signal to appear on the face plate.
4. Press the “AUTO” button and type in the corresponding ‘Automatic Sequence’ number of the pre-programmed channel (treatment) of your choice.
5. Press the “RUN” button. Your selected treatment, made up of a variety of pre-programmed frequencies will now begin to run. 6. At this stage, whilst still holding the electrode, you can begin to turn the intensity knob clockwise VERY SLOWLY, until a comfortable, yet definite tingling sensation can be felt.

WARNING: Some of the frequencies are far more intense than others, and can produce an uncomfortable stinging sensation. Always ensure that the intensity knob is turned right down (anti clockwise) before starting any sequence. Any tingling must not exceed beyond the wrist when using the hand held electrodes, or beyond the ankles when using the foil foot strips. It is imperative that one feels comfortable during any treatment. Please ensure that the person being treated knows exactly how to decrease the intensity him/herself if need be. Between each sequence of numbers a bell sound will signal the start of a new frequency.

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