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Note: Names of Practitioners and patients have been omitted because of Doctor Patient confidentiality. Verification is available, but may not necessarily be given without the consent of the originator.

Cases 1 to 5 were received from a medical practitioner M.B.ChB. Translated from the Afrikaans except for one.

Young man 15 years old with a progressive stye two days old on his left upper eyelid. The eye was edematous, swollen, very red and extremely painful. The abscess had not come to a head yet. Locally treated with frequencies 20, 29, 41,58,61,71,88,87 and 105 for 3 minutes each Immediate response was observed during the treatment . The treatment was repeated the next day-- the stye drained and the healing was visibly complete.

Case# 2:

Young man 12 years old who had a septic, festering wound caused by a glass ampoule "stink bomb" which bad broken in the palm of his hand two days previously. Treated with detox frequencies and 14 & 20 Redness was almost immediately gone. Only one treatment was necessary Although he was put onto antibiotics, the wound had already healed by the following day

Case# 3:

Thirty-two year old male patient with progressive, bleeding grade II haemorrhoids (those which push out during defecation) over the past 4 months. A haemorrboiclectomy operation was scheduled for 3 weeks time. After two treatments with the prescribed frequencies the haemorrhoids were gone, the patient bad no more problems and cancelled the operation

Case# 4:

Twelve year old girl who had ringworm on her left calf which had been progressively increasing in size to approximately 2 cm diameter. Treated over three consecutive days with recommended frequencies. The leg was clear of all fungi and all local signs of the infection were gone. The only indication of the infestation left was a slight depigmentation of the skin which would disappear with time too.

Case# 5:

65 jarige on man met toenemende prostatisme oor 5 jaar tydperk. In lyn vir n TUR in die nabye toekoms Erge afwagting, afname in stroom, nadruppeliring, drangurie, uritrale afskeiding, strangurie, frekwensie nokturie en hematurie. Na vier behandelings op prostatitis I BPH frekwensies is simptome 95% weg, operasie gekanseleer.

Cases 6, 7, 8 and 9 were received from two different medical practitioners (M.B. Ch.B- and B.A Hons. M. B.Ch.B respectively) for presentation at a burns symposium.

Case# 6:

Mr. H.L. sustained severe burns to has left arm forearm and his chest after spilling boiling oil on himself. The burnt area was kept on ice overnight in an attempt to minimise the injury but there was still considerable tissue damage. I treated him with low energy laser and dressings but by the fourth day the wound became infected. I then treated him with the Rife resonator on alternate days for five treatments, and thereafter achieved perfect healing

Case# 7:

Mr.. J.V. was burnt while on a fire fighting course. He sustained a deep circumferential burn to his right wrist which was exceedingly painful. I immediately put him on the Rife resonator for twenty minutes on the pain frequencies and achieved considerable reduction of pain. Thereafter I treated him with low energy laser and daily treatments on the Rife resonator on using the pain and burn frequencies. One week after the burn there was very little pain and approximately 50% healing had occurred.

Case# 8:

Mr. G.S sustained partial and flail thickness kerosene burns to the dorsal aspect of his left hand and forearm. I saw the extent of the burn on the fourth day of the incident. Thereafter he had two treatments on the Rife resonator when I saw him again after that complete healing had occurred and there was no scarring whatsoever.

Case# 9:

Mrs. P.C. who is an epileptic had a fit and fell into hot coals. She she sustained severe burns to the dorsal aspect of both hands, four fingers and her fight leg. When I saw her a week after the incident, the wounds had become septic. I administered three treatments on tile rife resonator at weekly intervals and by the fourth week her skin had completely healed and there was no sign of infection.

Case# 10:

Lady, (forty's) had a spider bite. A doctor treated the festering wound for 8 days -medicine from three different prescriptions with antibiotics, steroids etc had been used. She was unable to use the hand which was swollen, infected and painful. After only two treatments (on alternate days) using the Rife resonator with frequencies for allergies, parasites and detox the wound was healing . The wound was no longer "angry", there was no more pain and the swelling totally gone. The lady remarked that she had slept better, could smell her coffee for the first time in years (she was an allergy sufferer) and no longer liked the taste of her cigarettes an added advantage?

Case# 11:

Six year old boy with very bad bronchial asthma. He had always slept in a semi-sitting position to prevent phlegm from choking him. Suffered regularly from bronchitis and other lung problems. Treated this patient with a combination of cold & flu, asthma, allergy and bronchitis (with some detox) frequencies once weekly. The mother was ecstatic about the results. The child was able to sleep in a normal bed for the first time since birth, coughing, wheezing had gone and he was able to go swimming for the first time in years without any ill effects afterward.

Cases 10 & 11 - experiences from the files of a Rife owner.

From the pens of some owners/users:

(a) A medical practitioner (M.B. Ch. B. D.A.)

I am thrilled with my Rife resonator and use it daily. I have had some amazing results and would like to mention a few

Case# 12:

The first day we got our machine, a medical doctor friend visited me and we discussed the apparatus He told me that we had a lot of trouble with haemorrhoids and anal itching. To our delight we found some frequencies in the booklet and we ran through all of them at 3 minutes each. I used 11,14,16 & 20 as prescribed and added inflammation 81 and Candida 28. As he was only here for a few hours I repeated all of them for another 3 minutes. He phoned the next day to say that be was 90 % better. Even his spastic colon was better. We talked the day after that and he told me that for the first time in five months he was 100%!

Case# 13:

The second patient I treated had a lot of backache and was not better lifter several anti-inflammatory injections and physiotherapy. She lived on pain killers. I treated her for backache with 57 for 15 minutes and then 40,3,87,88,108,109 and 114 for 3 minutes. That night for the first time in two weeks she slept right through the night and didn't take any painkillers for two days Unfortunately she was sick after the next treatment and didn't want to come again. I learned to be careful with chronic problems and not to repeat treatments too quickly and too long. She possibly also didn't take enough fluid.


Personally I treated my very painful ear canal infection with Streptococcus code 14, Staphylococcus code 20 inflammation code code 81 and fungus code 28. 1 held one electrode in my hand and the other against the affected ear. This one treatment caused it to be much better the next day and completely well by the second.

I have now had four kids who's painful ears cleared up on the Eustachian tube inflammation codes 11, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 28. All of them held the electrodes in their bands It is important to exclude a throat infection with pain referred to the ear Not one had severe middle ear infection hilt would probably have received antibiotics in the past. All only needed daily treatments for three consecutive days


A person's testimonial from a pharmacist entitled "EXCITING RESULTS WITHIN THREE MONTHS"

I enrolled with a young couple at the University Physiotherapy Department last evening into their study on Cystic Fibrosis patients. They want to show that a set of thoracic exercises which take between ten and and fifteen minutes twice per day will increase lung function. The study is to run over seven weeks with progress checks every week. The enrolment ended with a lung function test I was uneasy about this as I had a very bad result last time after being in hospital in October last year. My result was beyond my wildest dreams. All three tracings were almost identical (never been before) FEV-1 showed between 3.6 and 3.8 litres (amount of air exhaled in the first second) total lung capacity was between 4.7 and 5.1 litres which gives between 74.5% and 78.3% of my total lung capacity can be exhaled in the first second!! (implies no obstruction). In all the years I have been tested for lung function, I have never had a better result. In fact these results say that my lungs are performing at between 93 and 97% of expectation for a normal person of my age weight and height. This is a big contrast to what my results were last year in December where my Pulminologists lung function apparatus showed that I had lost 20% from my previous best which means that my lungs were at about 70% of expectation. I look forward to further improvement.

Although the following two reports are fact it must be clearly understood that all cases cannot be expected to follow the same pattern nor that the same or similar results may be achieved in every patient treated.


Case# 16:

Male Caucasian, 72 years old diagnosed by a medical practitioner with olfactory neuroblastoma (ethesioneuroblastoma). Prognosis - surgical removal, complete plastic surgery for reconstruction of the face followed by chemotherapy etc. The patient bad his own Rife machine and used the carcinoma frequencies. Alternating sessions included treatments for polyps and sinusitis. Detox sessions also regularly used. Observations:
Pain in the area subsided after the second or third treatment The nose was drier at approximately the same time After nine treatments spread over eight weeks, the tumour was literally sneezed / coughed out by the patient. The fragment of grey white tissue was sent to the pathologist by the patient's doctor which confirmed that the specimen was the ethesioneuroblastoma which exhibited areas of necrosis. The patient is in good health two years later

Case# 17:

Male, 63 year old man who had been a diabetes sufferer for 34 years. Was using long and short acting insulin by injection three times daily. Blood sugar levels were monitored meticulously twice daily. Levels always high used the Rife resonator about twice weekly for three months. There was a definite downward trend to the sugar values and insulin intake was adjusted accordingly. Owing building operations on his home he cut his leg badly on some old metal - Because of his diabetes, the doctor advised hospitalisation as diabetics do not always heal easily and gangrene can set in. Amputation would then become necessary. Blood sugar levels were monitored over one week while this patient was in the hospital and found to be always NORMAL. The doctor carried out metabolism testing and found that the pancreas was producing own insulin. Leg healed normally. This patient always carries insulin as a precaution, but now no longer uses any diabetic medication. Daily checking of sugar levels are always normal He has maintained this status for more than one year now.



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