Dr. R Rife in the early nineteen thirties joined the war against Cancer.

Rife Resonance Therapy

He was fortunate to have access to a facility that built and repaired research equipment and wasted no time in supervising and joining in the building of the Universal microscope. This piece of equipment held the key to the most amazing discoveries regarding the elimination of bacteria. Rife decided that he needed to study these organisms in their living state, to do so he made use of a light~staining technique never before successfully done. Light passed through counter rotating prisms onto a dark field allowed him to see microbes as they had never before been observed, to watch as they went about their daily routines of living. it is here that the amazing discoveries were available for any one who dared to look and who dared yet again to understand what they were looking at, luckily Dr. Royal Rife was such a person. Those early days, alas are no different from these so called modern times ,where it is far easier to criticise that which flies in the face of what one has been taught rather than to open the mind and grow in one understanding of the Universe and its ways.

radio frequency skin tighteningWhat Rife saw firstly confused what an earlier scholar by the name of Bechamps pointed out, at about the same time that the more fancied Pasteur made his contribution to microbiology. Bechamps was laughed out of the class for claiming that microbes were pleomorphic in nature, depending on the medium in which they found themselves! Clever little blighters . This probably contributes greatly to their continued success at this thing called life! Of course it was way beyond the belief of many a professor and therefor incorrect and another fool was born! Well thank goodness for Dr. Rife, he was a true scientist mid allowed his subject to open up the breath taking avenues that follow Apart from being polymorphic Rife noticed that microbes for a reason he knew not disintegrated at certain stages of illumination. He intensified the light only to find that these little fellows revelled therein, he lowered the intensity of the light and again no detrimental effect on them.

At this stage many a lesser mind would have given up, not Rife he reasoned that each organism had its own Molecular Oscillatory Resonance, which if fed into its environment would cause the microbe to disintegrate, as he had observed. There was no formula to prove or to calculate here, there was just simple observation necessary and thank goodness Rife was at the helm, since, as I said earlier he patiently allowed the subject to lead him. Perhaps he based his conclusions on the well known fact that crystals have a resonance which when emulated in their presence causes them to shatter, surprise, surprise. In any event several years and hundreds of hours of observation later Rife presented the world with what another worker in this field termed the cure for all diseases! Unfortunately there was very little if any need for antibiotics and, for that matter, many other drugs You can guess where that placed Rife and his observations!

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, Rife had joined the war on Cancer At this stage of his campaign his preparations could not have been better and the use of both his microscope and his observations on how to eliminate microbes stood him in good stead in his fight against this horrific disease. The first thing he did was to use a piece of a biopsy from a breast cancer to extract whatever there might be to he found. Again thank goodness it was Rife doing the work and thank heaven for both his skill and tenacity since legend has it that this process took several thousand attempts before he finally succeeded in isolating what he termed the cancer virus and he named this virus Cryptocides Primordiales. Now having earlier explained that he had found a way to destroy microbes, it did not take him long to use this knowledge to modify his microscope technology and to build the first instrument used to remove pathological microbes from the body safely and effectively!

radio frequency skin tighteningHe invited the leading microbiologists of the time, who were active in that area, Dr. S Rosenow and Kendall to observe the results of his experiments on cancer and these gentlemen and several others were aimed at the results! So they should have been, for Rife demonstrated the presence of the cancer virus, Cryptocides Proflordiales in the extract from the breast biopsy, he went on to inoculate 400 laboratory animals with this extract and each of these developed a malignant tumour! He ten went on to apply his newly acquired technology and miracle upon miracle each of these animals in a matter of months was free of their killer visitors! and so too obviously of their cancer.

At this stage his work was outlawed he himself booted out of the medical fraternity and condemned to obscurity I personally struggle to understand this I can see tile threat this holds but surely the benefit to society should outweigh this? But life goes on and like many other discoveries, this one also, fortunately would not die. Rife’s work was continued behind closed doors by people as dedicated as he was, investigation of the bodies own electromagnetic systems and development of frequencies in this direction became the order of the day, now at last some sixty years of research is surfacing for the benefit of mankind. But as life will have it a new breed of scientist better known as a soldier of fortune, will offer Rife technology in easy to build kit form. Be careful there are very dangerous frequencies out there that will cause more harm than good.

As stated before this technology does not confine itself to the treatment of cancer only, instead as one worker said it was literally the cure for all diseases to illustrate this I am including some case studies from the files of local very brave new breed doctors whose main concern is the health of their patients, who are not afraid to practice their profession with only this in mind. I salute them.

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